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lip gloss and lip liner with customized logo.
Lip gloss and lip liner in a box.

2 in 1 Lip Gloss and Lip Liner Private Label

Customized lip stick and gloss.
Lip glosses weight and size.

2 in 1 Lip Stick + Lip Gloss

Private label makeup set
Highlighter and contour.

3 in 1 Highlighter + Blush + Contour

Amethyst whipped body scrub.
Crystal jewellery necklaces

Amethyst Crystal Sugar Body Scrub with CRYSTAL JEWELLRY

Glass bottle with bamboo lid.
Clear glass bottles with different sizes.

Bamboo Glass Bottle

From  £140.00
Flavoured lip glosses with multiple scents.
Cute lip glosses with different colours.



Beauty Flower Makeup Brush

Lip mask scented in blueberry.
Lip mask scented in aloe vera.

Beauty Lip Mask


Beauty Queen Lip Gloss Key Chain

Pink lip glosses with different shades.

BEST SELLER: Pink Magic Lip Gloss Sets

Private label lip glosses.
Beautiful lip glosses with crystals.

Big Heart Lip Gloss

Beautiful eye shadow.
Eye shadow with crystal jewellery.

Billionaire Eye Shadow

Beautiful lip gloss tubes in hand.
Lip gloss tubes in pink.

Billionaire Lip Gloss Tube

Private label lip glosses.
Lip glosses with customized logo.

Bing Bing Lip Gloss


Black & Pink Glitter Lash Case + Free Custom Logo

Eye lashes in white case with black ribbon.

Black Magic Lashes with Lash Case


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